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Diversity is key in Disney’s new film

by Luke Fletcher

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the inclusion of a gay character in Disney’s new film, “Beauty and the Beast”. Actor Josh Gad’s character in the film, LeFou, has an easily overseen crush on Gaston, the antagonist of the film. LeFou is then seen at the end of the film dancing with another man. The scene was timed at 3 seconds long, although Gad’s character was depicted as having a romantic interest in Gaston throughout the film. Due to this scene, Russia restricted everyone under the age of 16 from watching the film, which has also been banned in Kuwait. Closer to home, a drive-in in Alabama refused to screen the film. Despite the public backlash, the film is breaking box office records from its $175 million debut. Audra McDonald, wardrobe coordinator told CNN, “There’s all kinds of diversity in this world and we have it in this film. In the end, the film is about seeing past everyone’s surface and looking on the inside. It’s not only about learning to love someone else, but it’s about learning to love yourself.”

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