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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast a worldwide success

Beauty and the Beast- Walt Disney Studios

by Caleb Libbey

Disney’s newest live-action adaptation of the animated classic, Beauty and The Beast, continues to dominate box office sales over Kong: Skull Island and Power Rangers. In just a few weeks since its premiere, Beauty and the Beast was able to triple its budget of roughly $160 million in global box office earnings, kicking off initially with a $170 million opening. This places it, at the time of this article’s printing, in the thirteenth position for biggest opening weekend in the United States, falling just behind Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, still at the lead with $250 million.

The plot of 2017’s Beauty and the Beast deviates slightly from its animated counterpart, but remains faithful to the original in structure, tone, and character development. The adaptation not only does absolute justice to the original’s wit, charm, and colorful dance numbers, but improves on some aspects with less restriction in the way of special effects, and a PG rating. Though given a slightly darker tone, with deep, saturated colors and gloomier sets and lighting, the original musical numbers still prevail with all of their timing and colorful family fun. ‘Be Our Guest’, an incredibly well-known Disney original, is given a new sequence in which the special effects department pulls out all stops to seamlessly integrate fast, vibrant CGI with live actors in an incredible homage to the film’s original animated sequence. Fan favorite musical numbers like ‘Gaston’ are even expanded upon, given reprises and extended moments, poking fun at the original in a way that leaves audiences everywhere knowingly shaking their heads with laughter. Elements of the story’s plot that the animated film left untouched are fully fleshed-out in the adaptation, giving characters a better sense of motivation and even a stronger developmental process. Almost every plot hole, problem, or ill-fitting character device has been omitted,  and in a way that does not sully the original. 2017’s Beauty and The Beast is a faithful rendition of a timeless classic that continues to leave audiences patiently waiting for Disney’s next live-action interpretation of a beloved animated film.


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