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Avoiding Senioritis

Joshua Hoffner- Photo Courtesy of Taylor Fields

by Taylor Fields

Students at Dover High School are looking to get active in helping the environment in a new club- the Earth Action Club. This club focuses on acting locally to find solutions as to how we can all become more environmentally friendly, and reduce our footprint. Their goal is to improve the mindset of our community on how we can all make a change for a better planet. Dover High School junior Ayu Suryawan started the Earth Action club. “I started it because I felt like, as a high school, we could be doing so much for the planet and our community. There needs to be more of a passion for the health of our planet.” Earth Action plans to put up more signs over the recycling bins in the school to remind people of their uses. The club also hopes to work towards getting larger recycling bins in each classroom, and eventually, composting in the cafeteria. Many surrounding schools, like Oyster River are implementing an improved waste and recycling protocols that are more environmentally conscious. Mr. Seekamp is the advisor of the club, although he emphasizes that the club is “student-run.” “When I was asked if we could start an environment action club, it was like lightning striking twice. 10 years ago a student had asked me the same thing, but I didn’t have time with my younger children. But this time I said, ‘I’m going to make the time.” When asked how people can be greener, Mr. Seekamp says there are “so many ways. Turning off lights when you don’t need to use them, and switching to LED lights. Reducing car trips and not leaving your car idle, and of course, recycling and reusing whatever materials possible.” Earth Action is planning to hold a beach cleanup trip later this spring in Hampton Beach. To help make our community greener, take action! There is so much that we can all do to help make our Earth a better place, and that change starts with each of us as individuals.  The Earth Action Club meets after school every Monday in room 320.

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