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DHS supports self-help through yoga class

Mrs. Lee Photo courtesy Lily Parsont

By Lily Parsont

Dover High School is now offering a semester long yoga and meditation class for students seeking peace, fun, and relaxation. The class was created and is instructed by the Dover High School health teacher, Mrs. Amanda Lee. According to Carolyn Gregoire’s article about yoga and stress relief from Huffpost, anxiety and stress are major issues the world is dealing with, but there are answers to how people can fix it, one step at a time. Yoga and meditation are two important factors to self-help and self-appreciation. Taking only twelve minutes out of the day, yoga will increase one’s strength in their muscles, body, immune system, breath, mental health, and overall one’s brain health. The yoga class now offered at Dover High School has taught young people the simple stress relievers in life. “The class is awesome! It helps you relax and find yourself while strengthening your body at the same time,” said Nina Collins, a senior. After a hard, but breathtaking workout, the instructor lets students rest for a good 15 minutes to just be with themselves in a judgement free zone. Lydia Letourneau, a senior, had an extensive opinion about the class and the intense workout itself,  “Yoga and meditation makes me recharge and reset,” meditation is also involved in this class which relieves stress and anxiety massively, “I have practiced yoga and meditation outside of school and I am happy that our school has brought it into an educational environment. It helps students experience something new and allows them to stretch their mind, body, and soul to lengths they never thought were possible. I hope that overtime the class can be considered a gym credit because you are working extremely hard, bettering yourself, improving your self-worth, and creating trust. Yoga and meditation are very important to stress relief and helping yourself to relaxation.” The class is focused on breathing and how to keep a hold of it during difficult movements throughout the body. “It’s super fun! It’s awesome to be able to get into a good health routine before going off to college,” said Haley Demers, a senior and enjoyer of yoga. Because of the buzz from students around the school, Dover High School intends to keep the class for future students.

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