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Nothing Stops a Wave

By Courtney Couillard

DOVER — This past year, the Dover High School student fan base at sporting events has acquired a formal name, The Tsunami, and the school has been caught its riptide ever since.

In order to unite students and promote school spirit, the Athletic Leadership Council (ALC) gathered at the beginning of the year in hope of creating a name for the growing fan base at sporting events. Searching for the perfect way to capture the intensity and strength of Dover Athletics, the group decided on “The Tsunami” as a pseudonym.

 “It means a lot as an athlete when your classmates are there to support you,” said senior Liam Murphy, an active member for the Tsunami Facebook page.

Within the past year, The Tsunami has brought change to athletics at DHS. “Through Facebook we’ve been able to communicate more and show support for all of the teams,” said senior Julia Wise, who is president of the ALC.

The ALC dove into promotion for the group by selling t-shirts and creating a Facebook page. Soon, students gathered at football games with their Tsunami t-shirts and a new sense of purpose in Dover Athletics.

Peter Wotton, Athletic Director at DHS, explained that he believes this unity amongst the students is important come game time. By organizing the student section into the Tsunami, he thinks it creates a great atmosphere, and gives Dover an “extra spark.”

Within the student section, spectators have also enjoyed the addition of the Tsunami. Anyone can pick up a Tsunami t-shirt in the school store, or just wear green and white, and be a part of the group.

“It brought a whole new level of excitement to the games,” said junior John Petlon, an active member of the Tsunami.

As the year comes to an end, many wonder what will become of the group that has been strongly led by Wise, Murphy, and much of the senior class. Wotton hopes it continues to have the same power, and that the juniors and sophomores can also be leaders.

 “I know it can continue if people step up,” said Wise. She also hopes for the best for the group in the coming year.

Murphy, however, has no doubt that The Tsunami will continue to be a prevalent force in the Dover community.

“It’s all about having pride in DHS, and going out and supporting your classmates,” said Murphy.

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  1. Tim Dudley says:

    Dover Varsity Softball is scheduled to play Salem at home on Monday May 14th and we would love to have as many Tsunami supporters there to cheer on our girls as they play against the #1 team in Division 1 softball.


    Coach Tim Dudley

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