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15 Minutes of Fame- Zach Dewitt

By Emily Minerowicz


DOVER — If you’ve ever had just one conversation with Zach Dewitt, 18 year old Dover High Senior, you would instantly sense his incredible passion for art.

While Dewitt’s been involved with other sports and activities, art grabbed his focus. Since he was young, he’s always loved to draw and pull inspiration from human emotion.  

“If people relate to it, then they can establish truly deep connections with my art, and that’s my personal goal,” says Dewitt.

Zach has designed tattoos for people mostly with script lettering and has used his art skills to design other things such as, business logos, original work, and portraits.

Heading off to college next year is an exciting move for Dewitt. He plans to attend an art school near Boston or Providence and hopes to obtain a tattoo apprenticeship to gain first hand experience.

His love for art is obvious to everyone close to him. Recognizing his talent since the start of high school, he has shown his creativity and skills in many different ways and mediums.

“He’s designed so many things for me over the past 3 years, but I have two favorite pieces: my tattoo he designed for me, and a painting of an anatomical heart. Both are absolutely amazing, and I know I’ll never regret getting his design tattooed on me. It’s beautiful, and I have it for the rest of my life,” says Korrinne Ivey, a senior at Dover High School.

His all time idol, in terms of tattoo artists, is Shinji Horizakura. Dewitt adds that his Tebori, a hand tapping technique, is “masterful.” Other artists that he admires are: Michelangelo, Peter Paul Ruben, Nikko Hurtado, and Corey Miller.

“My favorite thing about drawing is when you are creating a piece for someone, and you can see the expression of true awe on their face and notice all of the hard work you put into it,” says Dewitt. “That is the best feeling.”


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