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15 Minutes of Fame-Most Recent

15 Minutes of Fame- Aimee Hartwell
By Monique Vachon

Dover- In October 2009, soccer player Aimee Hartwell was playing at the Nashua World Cup Tournament when a girl from the other team came up to her from behind and side tackled her. This caused her leg to be hyper-extended and she ended up tearing her ACL, MCL, and her meniscus.          

Aimee Hartwell at play. Photo courtesy of Aimee Hartwell.

Hartwell, a Dover High School junior who has been playing soccer since she was seven, was recently crowned “Hometown Hero” for the segment on Channel 9 news this Fall. Being declared “Hometown Hero” is recognizing somebody for something heroic and positive that they’ve done.           

Hartwell hasn’t been able to play soccer for the last three years due to her injuries and surgeries that she’s been dealing with. However, this year she was able to play and she’s as driven as ever.     

“I feel honored and very appreciative to everyone! I was very lucky to get such a good doctor and to be able to come back and play,” says Hartwell. She also claims that she deserves the title of “Hometown Hero” because she’s back on the field after such an intense injury.                          

“I want to mention how great it was to come back and have such a great season with the [Girls Varsity Soccer] girls… It was a great year and I am so happy to come back and play with them and I can’t wait for next year!” says Hartwell.

She says that her favorite part about playing soccer has to be playing with all her “fantastic friends.”  

Hartwell also claims that since the accident she feels more “determined to win.”

“Even though you have a terrible injury you shouldn’t quit,” expresses Hartwell.

Caroline Schoenbucher, one of Hartwell’s teammates and DHS sophomore, expresses how happy she is for Aimee to go back to playing soccer after not being able to play.        

“She showed us how much she loves the game,” says Schoenbucher. She added how Aimee is a great player and she’s glad she got to know her.

Mallory Long, also one of Hartwell’s teammates, was nervous about joining the team as a freshman, but Hartwell made her feel better about it.

“Aimee was so welcoming and friendly to me,” says Long.


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